The Red Alert

The Red Alert concludes the adventures of twins, Wills and Georgie. It is the exciting climax to The Black Box and The Green Light.

Despite the threat of danger Georgie and Wills, their science teacher and Gramps are determined to prove that there is life on Mars and they discover that there are others willing to join them in the fight against IO. 

A rogue asteroid damages part of the Torus Spaceship, home to the courageous Mars pioneers. The twins must find FERM, a Fully Equipped Rescue Module, which was left on earth for just such an emergency. Does it still exist? Fifty years of censorship and the destruction of evidence means they are looking for a needle in a haystack.

Gramps finds the coded clues which might help them in their search but can they solve the puzzle? 

Available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions.

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